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Do you want to shop in the Jordaan? Almost Summer is the place to shop for all your fashion needs. Unique organic cotton tees, sweaters, baby and kids items. Great as an original and affordable gift from Amsterdam. Or find a gem in our recycled silver jewelry line! Whether you're planning on visiting Amsterdam or just want to shop for clothes, we're here to help.

✔ Designed and hand printed in Amsterdam
✔ Organic cotton
✔ independent small local brand

Shopping in Amsterdam Jordan area

The Jordaan is a maze of alleys and streets in Amsterdam's west side. The neighborhood is bordered by various buildings and streets.

The Jordaan district was mainly populated by unskilled laborers and small businesses. The contrast between the houses with dark cellars and the opulent canal houses was stark.

The area was in need of renovation during the 1970s. Many older residents moved out to make way for the new generation. The houses in the area became more expensive and the people who lived in them shifted to other cities.

The Jordaan features various attractions, including the Westertoren, the Anne Frank House, and the Johnny Jordaanplein.

In the past, the Jordaan only had grocery stores that were mainly for making milk, bread, and vegetables. Today, there are more specialty Amsterdam shops and boutiques Like the Almost Summer t-shirt store. There are also many restaurants and cafes that serve different cuisine like SLA salad bar, or the popular hummus bistro

Clothes with an exclusive design

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Enjoy shopping in our unique clothing store in the Jordaan

Come and enjoy shopping in our unique clothing store in the Jordaan. With us you can shop relaxed and view the latest collections from our range. Our collection offers you, among other things, Sweaters and Unisex T-shirts. In addition, our store also has specific collections for men and women. We also have accessories such as patches and pins to match. The unique prints are designed and created in our Mini Factory. Would you like to take a look at our Mini Factory in the Jordaan and shop at the same time? This is also possible! Both our Mini Factory and the store have stock available. From our main clothing store to the Mini Factory it is about a five-minute walk along the Prinsengracht.

Plan your trip to Jordaan and come shopping

Do you also want to shop in our unique T-shirt shop or do you come shopping at our Mini Factory in the Jordaan? Our clothing store at the Nieuwe Leliestraat is open seven days a week from 11:00 till 18:00 so you always have plenty of choice to stop by. Would you like to take a look at the different designs in our collection? View the range in our webshop or send an email to

New! Recycled silver jewelry! Exclusively at Almost Summer

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