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14 small sheets of Flex and Flock material to iron on a t-shirt.


You will need an old T-shirt or tote bag (not included), transfer foil (that's in this box), A pair of Scissors, baking paper(small sheet included in box), an Iron and a good idea!

1. Cut the parts of your design, letters, shapes etc from the transfer sheets. Make sure the glossy side is facing up.

2. Next position the cut parts on your t-shirt with the matte side down. This is important because the matte side is the side where the glue is.

3. Place the transparent heat resistant foil on top of your design. This makes sure your elements won’t move during the heating process.

4. Turn on your iron. One position under the hottest temperature, best is 160-170 °C, or 320-340 °F.
chuck a couple of minutes onto your design. The heat will melt the glue on the transfers. You will also need pressure, push the transfers into the fabric. The heat of the iron will transfer through the t-shirt onto your table surface. Make sure you are using an appropriate surface to do this. An ironing board will work or maybe a pile of tea towels (without any wrinkles) underneath your shirt on a solid table.
Reminder: keep the kids away from the iron or the cord!

5. Let the shirt cool down a little and remove the upper carrier sheet. Now remove all the smaller carrier sheets from your transfers.

6. Your shirts need an after press. Place a baking paper over the design and iron for an additional 30 seconds over your design pushing down.
IMPORTANT: never iron 2 colors at once. First iron on the bottom layer, then peel the plastic carrier sheet of the transfer, next add the second layer. Otherwise the transfer of the top layer will just glue to the carrier sheet of the bottom layer instead of the t-shirt.

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